Cutlery Dryer Project

…..The Heat’s Power and the Vibrations’ Strenght

EVOLUTION: quality improvement of CUTLERY DRYER

EVOLUTION is the restyling of our whole product line. The innovations introduced with it, together with the already established performance, make our machines even more competitive, high-performing and versatile.

ACTIVE CONTROL is the electronic board with LCD display that is installed as standard equipment on all models and allows the user to follow all the operating phases of the machine in an easy and intuitive way.

EAGLE new and exclusive, high-performing BUILT-IN or counter top models.


Our line is made of automatic and manual models that differ among them for dimensions, but are equal in their advantaged and quality, so that they can be suitable to different needs.

Our machines are built with stainless steel AISI 304, insulated with sound-absorbing panels to help save energy and reduce noise. All components are high quality and MADE IN ITALY.