Why buy a machine for drying, polishing and sanitizing cutlery?

Optimise time and save money

With our cutlery dryer machines, the drying job is completed in a few minutes. Thanks to this, time saving translate into money savings, allowing the cost of the investment to be amortized in a short time. Furthermore, by eliminating vinegar and dishcloths we’ll have further savings.


Extend the life of the cutlery and improve the quality of the service. With our machines, the cutlery has a better appearance and the mise en place will be perfect. It will feel like you have new cutlery every day! The action of the corn cob combined with the vibrations will remove any residue of limestone and/or chemicals from the surface.
Furthermore, the antioxidant treatment for silver cutlery will last longer.


Our cutlery dryer machines carry out the sanitization that, in this particular moment, is a really important advantage.
This process take place through the high temperature which allows a guarantee result.


Limescale spots are removed quickly, making the surface of the cutlery shine.

Eco Friendly

Our cutlery dryer machines using the CORN COB: an eco-friendly material 100% green, totally natural and biodegradable. The corn cob, thanks to its abrasive and absorbent properties, allows to obtain bright and dry cutlery.

Easy to use

Our cutlery dryer machines are equipped with ACTIVE CONTROL. The LCD display guides the user, step by step, through short, simple ad intuitive sentences.

Why use high temperature?


It is made through high temperature. In fact, thanks to silicone heating elements that reach up to 100°/130°C, the corn cob on which cutlery runs inside of the machine keeps a constant temperature, in such a way that pathogen germs are eliminated (proved by certified lab tests).

Constant result

Perfectly dried cutlery from the first to the last cutlery piece

Green security

The high temperature inside the machine keeps corn cob always intact and ready, even after inserting a great quantity of cutlery: high temperature prevents corn cob from becoming cold a swollen with water in the middle of the drying cycle, thus avoiding slowing down cutlery when exiting the machine.



Easy, simple, intuitive

Active Control technology

Electronic board with LCD display that guides the user in operating the machine.

Alert to replace corn cob

This alert will be automatically displayed when it will be necessary to replace the corn cob.

Stand by

The machine keeps its temperature, occasionally restarting itself to always be ready for use.

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